My first ever Equine Touch session on my own horses ….

A lovely inspirational story from Lauren Moss, shared to her instructor after attending the ET Level 1 Part One course July 2018 following her “first attempt” to give her own horses an Equine Touch session (shared with permission)

Hi Babette, I’ve been trying to send you a short video of me putting the blocks in and then the butt shots but it’s not sending. I tried to film the whole bbb but my phone was playing up. I’m looking at buying a go pro or something to record the sessions. I’m upset I didn’t get the whole session because it went so well! Or more than well actually!

I branded both mine yesterday just loose. Really to give them the intention of my touch being healing. I branded Chance again before the session and he was fairly relaxed during the branding. Which is very unusual. He is so sore even if I have hand hovering over his back or hind, he flinches and moves away avoiding touch. So during the second branding he came very relaxed, which made me continue to do the whole bbb. He gave me the feeling he wanted it!

Anyway I had Sootie my very busy Shetland tied in the yard. Always thinking there may be food he is always moving, making noise etc. As soon as I put the blocks in he stood still and went to sleep!

My field mate’s horses, whom I have nothing to do with unless she is away, stood at the closest points to me and both went to sleep! Chance just lapped it all up. Only thing I forgot was the girth lift but practised the whole bbb on him! He did lots of licking and chewing at points throughout, bottom lip drooped down where he is normally very tight lipped! Gave him lots of processing time throughout. What I did notice is that as soon as I started, his gut started making noises which I’ve never heard it do. It continued throughout the whole bbb really loud. He did have hind gut issues when he came and with the right gut support and adlib hay it has settled wonderfully. But yes throughout the whole session it was doing something! After putting the blocks back in over his back he just went to sleep.

I left them for ages before needing to put them back out into their paddock. He was so relaxed, when I got him back out he went back to sleep lol. When I leave I always call a good bye and see you tomorrow or later. Chance never looks my way. Last night he kept his eyes on me. Maybe a “what have you done to me” or “I really enjoyed that” look but I think for him it was the first time something was done to him that was totally to help heal him and for his pleasure also. He has been quite an emotionally neglected horse as it’s always been about the job he needs to do. Anyway it was the best bonding I’ve ever done. My confidence has grown and I remembered everything apart from the girth lift. But the blocks, mirroring, got my breathing really flowing correctly. It just worked! Ahh also Chance got the zebra stripes, very faint but were definitely there! What does that mean – was it the lymphatic system?? 

I have always been well in tune with my horses but this will bring it to a whole new level. The branding I feel is more powerful then I first thought. It really did get the intent through to Chance that I was going to heal him and as soon as I started the bbb he just relaxed straight into it. He hasn’t even been able to tolerate my hand before let alone let me actually touch him!

Just an amazing experience and cannot wait to learn more! I really feel this is for me and something I will forever feel passionate about.Xxx

Comment: Sometimes things happen during an Equine Touch session which become life changing moments for both the student and the horse.  They are not taught by the instructor per se nor written in the manual – they will not happen if your intent is to look for them, but they will occur often when you least expect them and invariably in private when not even the lens of a camera can intrude.  Yes, the camera may have captured the horses’ reactions, sounds and even that engaging look Lauren experienced from Chance, but it could never have truly recorded the emotional exchange or almost “hypnotically peaceful” atmosphere of the whole session – although viewing the videos* Lauren has posted on Equine Touch Addicts, even this statement can be proved wrong! Well done Lauren and the magic of Equine Touch!  From the very first session, using Equine Touch has helped both Lauren and her horses experience a very special moment and a realisation that is likely to have changed their relationship forever.   Jock Ruddock used quotes all the time to help explain these “magical” Equine Touch moments (and, of course, other aspects of the Equine Touch training and philosophy.

“Link yourself to heaven and earth. Stand in the very center of the universe with your heart receptive to the resounding sound of the body talking to you through your hands”  Aikido Inspirations, 2011 The Equine Touch Foundation Inc – Jock Ruddock

You dont have to be an experienced student, a qualified practitioner or even an instructor to make a difference to your horse.  Equine Touch is available for all to learn and to share with their own horse. 

*  As Equine Touch Addicts is a private group on facebook you may not be able to see Lauren’s post. Please ask to join if you are interested in becoming an “addict” too!