IETA UK & Ireland

IETA UK & Ireland is the International Equine Touch Association for this part of the world!

The International Equine Touch Association (IETA) is the professional body and modality regulator for the Equine Touch. The Association provides valuable support for students and practitioners throughout the UK and Ireland and is responsible for all sorts of administrative tasks, encouraging student membership, organising and recording ongoing professional development and support, and where necessary, policing and investigating complaints against its members. Set up in 2004—it is run ‘by the members for the members’.

Every Practitioner of Equine Touch, VHT or Canine Touch is obliged to belong to the Association to ensure that our modalities are kept legal, ethical and have quality assurance.

Students of Equine Touch, VHT and Canine Touch are not required to belong to IETA but are actively encouraged to join to show their support.

About IETA-UK & Ireland

"Join us now and make the International Equine Touch Association (IETA) a strong and credible world wide body. We are profoundly aware of the impact that ET and other non-invasive hands on modalities are having on the quality of life of our horses everywhere. It is not about the fact that one is better than the other, it is about the fact that we are all helping horses. There are several schools of thought that oppose our very existence, not only as practitioners but as horse owners working on their own animals. We have in one corner the close minded vets (usually the most vocal) the pharmaceutical companies, who do not like the fact that we can help horses without buying their expensive drugs and the sceptical government bodies who 200 years ago would have us burnt at the stake.

"We need a body to represent all of us, to be our voice, no matter where or when. When Mary from Minnesota stands up and talks on her own behalf it has nowhere near the effect that Pam from Texas has when she stands up and represents a world body called IETA with thousands of members. This is one of the reasons we need you to join. It is simply about having a credible voice that will be listened to. We are in a legislation driven world, there is no one who will listen to the individual, but a respected body of horse carers can make all the difference".
Jock Ruddock 2008

IETA is the professional body and regulator for the Equine Touch Modalities - Equine Touch (ET), Canine Touch (CT) and Vibromuscular Harmonisation Technique (VHT). Set up in 2004 it is run ‘by the members for the members’.

All Students wishing to train for their own pleasure/interest are encouraged to join the Association.


•       Promotes awareness: Having a close connection with the Association enables you to find out more about the ETF modalities first hand and what makes them tick!

•       Shows solidarity and support knowing you have seen firsthand that ETF modalities do make a difference.

•       Builds relationships: and enables you to enjoy valuable support from other students, practitioners and the instructor team

•       Keeps you in touch and offers opportunities to share experiences with like-minded people

•       Provides us with the financial means to offer student and practitioner support, promotional opportunities and Instructor lead initiatives.

NB             Every Equine Touch, VHT and Canine Touch Practitioner and Practitioner Route student is obliged to belong to the Association to ensure that our modalities are kept legal, ethical and have quality assurance.

Membership Costs

Practitioner £50 • International Practitioner £40 • Diploma £30 •  Student £30 • Associate (International or non student) £20

To become a member contact

Liz Coates • IETA-UK and Ireland Admin Coordinator • Mobile: 07443119928 • Email: 

What do you get for your Annual Membership? 

Educational Discounts at Courses

10% discount on ETF educational material (books, DVD’s)

Discount on Whole Horse Dissection class with Ivana Ruddock-Lange

Free Review Day with modality specific Instructor (T & Cs apply) *

IETA Discounts & Support

Annual Conference Discounted 1 or 2 day tickets for the IETA Annual Conference

Quarterly magazine (2 published, 2 internet) full of related articles

Social Get-togethers Informal practice days, learning together

* One day per year offered free (T & Cs apply)
Not all Instructors teach all modalities – check when booking

Please note all Discounts and Offers are regularly reviewed and are subject to change or may be discontinued without notice

* Some Discounts may apply to UK members only

Discount on courses and events applied at time of booking Discount requires proof of IETA Membership ie current membership card