Student Feedback

The price of this course is worth every penny and more. For the cost of ONE of my horses having 2 visits for chiropractic and acupuncture, I have learned this equally or more valuable technique that I can apply to ALL my horses, as many times as I want and anytime I want, without going anywhere! My hands are now an integral part of my ‘medicine cabinet’. Thank you so much for sharing this with us all. We and our horses are so much better off for it!

I love the modality and am very excited about it. It’s wonderful that it’s so gentle and fairly simple to execute. I’ve taken a LOT of different classes in massage, Reiki, TTouch, chiropractic, etc. and this is, by far, the most effective. I was pleasantly surprised to see such immediate results. This is the first time I’ve run to the barn and practiced on my own horses right away and felt confident to do so.

There’s not too much I get excited about, but this clinic was the best! I am so grateful. I walked away with so much!

Dear Lyn, I hope you arrived well in England and are looking back satisfied. I would like to thank you very much for three wonderful and amazing days. I feel as I have learned a lot and I have a new world to discover. The coming weeks I am going to practise with our pony and certainly also with the horses and ponies of other people at our stable.