ETF UK are delighted to announce our new Equine Touch Practitioner Route Training has been approved by LANTRA and is now open to new registrants.

What’s New?


ET Courses have been renamed but the practical content remains unchanged.

  • ET Level 1 becomes Foundation

  • ET Level 2 becomes Intermediate

  • ET Level 3 becomes Advanced

The method of assessment has changed from marks and percentages to continuous assessment bringing us in line with National Standards.

Find out More about ETF Training Below

Prospectus UK Issue_6 2019
ET Foundation with Lantra
ET Intermediate with Lantra
ET Advanced with Lantra

How Do New Students Register?

It is standard practice for students to have attended a Foundation Course before registering – see Schedule Page

The Practitioner Route Guide (PRIG) is issued after the course giving full details of how to register and everything you need to know about the training involved.

Students who have already attended the Level 1 Foundation course and would like a copy of the New Practitioner Route Guide, please contact

NB The Independent International Practitioner Route has not changed – students in Holland, Germany, Denmark, Czech and Spain will continue to work with their current system, albeit with the new course titles.