The Power of the Basics

ET never ceases to amaze ….

Shared with permission
Gemma Rogers was a student on the Equine Touch Practitioner Route having attended the NEW split Level 1 class August/October 2016  Even after such a short time, read the amazing results she was getting as a new student from one of her first case assessments.  Great work Gemma.

“LEMUR”  22yo, ARAB, Mare, Chestnut

Hacking horse and Broodmare but has been retired for the last year because of being consistently lame on right fore due to a shoulder injury. Vets prescribed Bute but she remained lame when ridden.

When I first met Lemur on the 28th September 2016, she was in good condition, well covered, nice coat, slightly dipped back probably due to her age but lacked in muscle tone as no longer ridden.

The owner had been thinking of having Lemur put to sleep because she was suffering with Photosensitisation on her hind leg which had been going on since June (and also because she had been lame for the last 5 years when ridden, even on Bute). The vets had prescribed anitbiotics for the Photosensitisation but they had no effect.

The owner asked if I would use Lemur as a case assessment and see if Equine Touch would help.

The owner also informed me at a later date that Lemur would stand in the arena, lean back on her hind legs, taking the weight off her forelegs, almost as though stretching but would drag the forelegs back, leaving track marks on the ground. She said when she rode out, she wouldn’t be able to stop and chat with people because Lemur would do this out hacking too.

Lemur was a very nervous, anxious mare when I met her and the owner said she had always been very nervy around people, quite highly strung and not the relaxed type.

Lemur was incredibly sensitive to my touch during her first ET session and practically flinched on most moves. However, since completing four sessions with Lemur, she has become the most relaxed, chilled out mare. She enjoys her ET sessions and now comes to me whenever I am in the arena. I can remember one day she was literally putting her body to me almost pushing me over because she wanted me to do ET on her. 
It was an unbelievable experience because beforehand, Lemur would have had her ears flat back, nostrils flared and wouldn’t come anywhere near anyone.

The owner has now started to ride Lemur again as the Photosensitisation wound has almost completely healed, and in ridden work Lemur is no longer lame. Lemur has never done her stretching move again since having ET.

Feedback from the Owner:

The owner couldn’t believe how the swelling had practically gone just two hours after the first session as the horse stood in her stable.  Having worked on Lemur on the Friday afternoon, the owner also said the healing process over the weekend was “dramatic”.  She is delighted to have her horse back to what she used to be. 
21 February 2017  Gemma Rogers, Level 1 Student, Somerset

Since this post, Gemma has qualified as an Equine Touch Practitioner and continues to work with clients in the Somerset area.