International Equine Touch Week - Encompassing 25 July 2019

All the 'sevens' . . . 

Jock Ruddock’s 77th Birthday

7 th International Equine Touch Day

A Day To Remember

A chance to show the world how proud we are of the ETF “brand” and the changes we have all made and continue to make to so many horses, dogs and people.


Calling all students of Equine Touch, Canine Touch and VHT – worldwide.

Celebrate International Equine Touch Week by doing a session with someone special on 25 July 2019 or on a day to suit in and around that date

This Year’s Challenge:
Brand Awareness
Whilst doing your session, involve at least one other person who has never done or maybe even seen ET, VHT or CT.

Let's get our modalities out there as a means of celebrating Jock's legacy and encouraging others to get involved.

Capture your sessions on camera and forward photos to with or without a short resume.  The best photos/stories will be published here or in future ezines or Equine Touchin’ magazines.

Whether you can meet the challenge or not, be it alone or in groups, make this the best excuse ever to refresh skills and reflect on your own special journey.  A time to remember the man who started it all – Jock.

How special is the event below posted on our Equine Touch FaceBook Addicts page - leading the way! Come on the rest of you - put on your thinking caps and lets all get out there and make an impact.

Facebook Addicts

Et Demo 2019.jpg

Well done Susan Clark and the Northumberland and Durham team - a great idea doing something which helps others on so many different levels. I had to share this to Equine Touch Addicts. This date is close to our Annual International Equine Touch day (25 July 2019) when everyone is encouraged to celebrate Founder Jock Ruddock's Birthday by doing something special using ET, VHT and CT.

Susan Clark - Area Coordinator Northumberland & Durham

“We would love to see you at the Charity Fun Day for the RDA, please join us if you can, or share this post, donation's welcome for the Raffle, Tombola, cake stall on the day”.

Heather Vaulkhard “There will be VHT tasters and an ET demo. We are also going to be working on the RDA horses and ponies. It’s a fun day and a charity fundraiser for the RDA at Pegasus Centre, but we hope to showcase our ET and VHT”. 😄

Contact YOUR local Area Coordinator and ask to be included in any plans they have to celebrate Jock’s birthday.  This way we can make sure you have not been left out!!!

Make Jock's dream a reality - encourage all horse and dog owners to learn this technique to help their own animals.

. . . . .  and of course, not forgetting VHT - a must for relieving stress and tensions, strains and pulls brought on by being with our equine and canine companions!